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Postby ramverma » Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:05 am

Hello every one ,
I need your help on a new product i am thinking about developing .
It is a code generator for PHP , that runs on windows .
I have a few questions that id appreciate if you answer me .

1)Is there a need for a new code generator in the market ?
2)What is the code generator you are using currently if any ? what do you like or hate about it ?
3)What would you like to see in a code generator that currently you do not have ?
4)If there is a code generator that you like , what do you think the price range would be ?
5)What are the features that you like to see in a code generator ?
6)What is the ORM you like to be used for database access ?
7)What JavaScript frameworks you would like to be supported ? Angular , Kockout , DataTables ?
8)Which database Engine would be the best to start with ? I intend to support multiple databases but certain optimizations need specific syntax , for example LIMIT clause in MySQL to support efficient paging , so basically i think abotu starting with MySQL .
9)Would you like to see a MAC version also ?

I appreciate it if i get replies from as many of you as possible .
Happy Coding .

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