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school with low workload and tuition load for all tandard kids

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:07 pm
by mina1234
I am looking for school where my child will not get burden of multiple subject and loads of tuition. I see kids around me who are not getting enough time for playing in india. I don't want same for my kid.
is there any place where he will study minimum in class room with free time?
Are there any schools in India where student will get less burden of study and more intellectual projects and daily life study?

Re: school with low workload and tuition load for all tandard kids

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:57 am
by jeff2345
A British born social anthropologist Brian Jenkins has built a self-sufficient green school in the hills of Palani, Tamil Nadu. In the middle of this green lush terrain in Kodaikanal, The Sholai school uses renewable energy to meet all its power requirements. Started in 1991, it offers a holistic approach to education with an emphasis on practical, hand-on learning. T

his is a stress-free school where there are no awards, no punishment, no exam fear, and no rat race. Affiliated to the University of Cambridge, the Sholai School provides an equal opportunity for everyone to come and learn. Nearly half the students in the school are from the neighbouring villages and pay no fee. The remaining half are students of all nationalities from across the globe. Brian Jenkins is quietly redefining education in a small corner in the country.

It has equal opportunity for all kinds of society. I don't know any other school like that. I prefer this kind of schools for my child. got above details from times now.

You get more details here: ... 452025.ece