Egg Cooking Gadgets

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Egg Cooking Gadgets

Postby ramverma » Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:46 pm

I am looking to increase my Protein intake especially in the mornings, Has Anyone got any recommendations in terms of easy egg making gadgets
(Always useful if you are in a rush in the morning!)

I have seen a Brunchee Eggmaster on Amazon that looks cool, I think you crack a couple of eggs into the small cooker and drop a stick in the top
then when its cooked it pops up with Egg on a stick! lol - These seem to be Big in the USA and it looks like you can do lots of other stuff with it too!
Anyone tried this one out? Be interesting to see if anyone has tried this yet although I don't think they have been out that long so may be worth a look!

Any other Egg Making gadgets you can recommend let me know! I will report back if I get the Egg on a Stick Gadget

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