Healthy breakfast ideas?

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Healthy breakfast ideas?

Postby ramverma » Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:01 am

Hi everyone
I have been dieting for a while now and lost about 95lbs. I've put on a bit the lat few month so i'm starting again as of yesterday. The main meal i struggle with is breakfast, i need ideas for healthy breakfasts. I usually have cereal but there is so much sugar in them, i didn't realise until recently. I've cut out refined sugar from my diet so i'm not adding it to anything and i'm gradually going from full-fat milk down to skimmed (i'm on semi-skimmed at the moment.) Today i had a small bowl of porridge, i usually have a ton of sugar on it but today i sweetened it with a few raisins and dried banana chips. Was that healthier than using loads of sugar? i hope so. Anyway, any ideas people? I like weetabix, are they good for you?

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