Expired Product!

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Expired Product!

Postby ramverma » Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:26 am

I was to excited , didnt even read the expiration date and consumed it !
After I drank it I realized it said It was good before Jul-21-2015.

I was really dissappointed and tried to reach out and ask about this ! Started to reading post about similar complains
but to be honest, I though Spaceman's answers to these concerns was not clear enough.

I was really excited about this product and ready to change my eating habits.
But what just happened really disappointed me and highly discouraged me about using it!

Receiving one expired product is one thing , I understand mistakes happen. But seeing multiple people have the same issue and not being %100 clear about the expiration and shelf life , made reconsider your product.

I am hoping to get an quick answer and solution

thanks in advance........

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