ORA-00022: invalid session ID; access denied

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ORA-00022: invalid session ID; access denied

Postby alpeshviranik » Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:11 pm

ORA-00022: invalid session ID; access denied error in Oracle? what is the easy way to solve it?


Re: ORA-00022: invalid session ID; access denied

Postby Guest » Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:31 pm

Cause: Either the session specified does not exist or the caller does not have the privilege to access it.
Action: Specify a valid session ID that you have privilege to access, that is either you own it or you have the CHANGE_USER privilege.

This is related to Second DB Connection, and can be worked around. In the psappsrv.cfg & psprcs.cfg make the DbFlags=4 (permenently disable second DB connection), to disable Second DB Connection.

If you are getting this error, here is a quick fix.

Set the following value in psappsrv.cfg (appserver) and psprcs.cfg (batch server) for all the configured appservers and batch servers. You may have to reconfigure the appserver and batch servers and restart them.


Default value is DbFlags=0 which means use Persistent Secondary DB Connection.

Setting DbFlags=4 is not recommended by PeopleSoft, which completely disables the secondary database connection.

Setting it to 8 disables Persistent Secondary DB Connection, but it still uses on demand Secondary DB Connection for each request. This is required for using GetNextNumberWithGapsCommit (GNNWGC) function, which is internally used by PeopleSoft for workflow transactions to generate APPR_INSTANCE

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