differentiate Repeater and DataList and GridView

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differentiate Repeater and DataList and GridView

Postby ramverma » Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:28 am

what is the difference between Repeater and DataList and GridView..

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Re: differentiate Repeater and DataList and GridView

Postby jeff2345 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:30 am

Gridview: GridView allows us to present the data in the tabular format as when the data in GridView renders, it by default renders in table, tr and td. Limited in design, works like an html table. More in built functionality like edit/update, page, sort. Lots of overhead. The Grid View control provides the capability to sort columns, page through data, and edit or delete a single record. the Grid View control offers improvements such as the ability to define multiple primary key fields, improved user interface customization using bound fields and templates, and a new model for handling or canceling events.

Datalist: Data list also displays data in a table but gives some flexibility in terms of displaying data row wise and column wise using the repeat direction property customisable version of the Gridview. Also has some overhead. More manual work as you have to design it yourself. You can configure the DataList control to enable users to edit or delete a record in the table. The DataList control differs from the Repeater control in that the DataList control explicitly places items in an HTML table, where as the Repeater control does not.

Repeater: It contains Header Template, Item template , alternate Item template and footer template . it can't support Selection, editing, sorting and paging. this is read only and fast.

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